What was the most viewed World Cup final?

According to FIFA, the 2018 World Cup final – which saw France overcome Croatia 4-2 – reached an average worldwide audience of 517 million viewers, with over 1.1 billion spectators tuning in at some point over the course of 90 thrilling minutes.

How many viewers did the 2019 World Cup final have?

FIFA says the United States’ 2-0 win over the Netherlands in Lyon, France, reached 263.62 million viewers for at least one minute of action. The total audience reached for the tournament was 993.5 million people. It was estimated at 1.12 billion with digital media audiences included.

What has more viewers Super Bowl or World Cup final?

During the 2018 World Cup final in Russia, more than one billion people tuned in to see France knock off Croatia. Of those viewers, 516.6 million watched at least 20 consecutive minutes. By comparison, the most-watched Super Bowl was the 2015 match up between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.

How many views has the World Cup final?

– The US: the final was watched by nearly 30 million people (of which 71.3 million on ABC and 1.8 million on ESPN’ streaming service), shattering the previous record for a men’s soccer final.

Is Olympics bigger than World Cup?

Which is pretty impressive, but it’s a whole order of magnitude smaller than the FIFA World Cup (soccer) which is watched by around 3.5 billion people – about half the planet. The Olympic Games draw about 2 billion. Those only happen every four years, though.

How many viewers did the 2010 World Cup final have?

909.6 million
home viewers watched some of the 2010 World Cup final between the Netherlands and Spain—more than 14 times the total population of both nations, and about three times of the population of the United States.

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How many viewers did the 2018 World Cup final have?

According to FIFA, the 2018 World Cup final between France and Croatia reached an average live audience of 517 million viewers, with more than than 1.1 billion people tuning in over its 90 minutes.

What is the most viewed football match?

List of 7 Most Watched Football Match. #1.Derby d’Italia. #2.The North London Derby. #3.The Intercontinental Derby. #4.most Watched Football Match In The World. #5.FA Cup 2020 Final. #6.Derby di Milano 2017. #7.El Clasico 2020.

How many people watched the Champions League final?

“The final should be bigger.” The 2021 Champions League final brought in 700 million viewers compared to the 2022 Super Bowl’s 112 million. Al-Khelaifi highlighted that the U.S. and Super Bowl have a mindset of “creativity and entertainment” when it comes to the event and suggested the Champions League do the same.

What is the most watched sporting event in the world?

15 Most Watched Sports Event in the World
Rank Sports Viewers
1 Tour de France 3.5 Billion
2 Soccer World Cup 3.3 Billion
3 Cricket World Cup 2.6 Billion
4 Summer Games 2 Billion

Who makes more money FIFA or NFL?

Again, the World Cup only happens every four years, so it’s tough to compare the two championships directly. For example, in 2018, total revenue from the World Cup was about $5 billion, about $78.1 million per game, whereas that same year
the NFL brought in $14 billion, or roughly $52.2 million per game.

What is the biggest sporting event in the world?

The Most Watched Sporting Events in The World
  • Super Bowl – 96.4 Million Viewers.
  • World Series – 14.35 Million Viewers. …
  • NCAA Final Four – 16.9 Million Viewers. …
  • NBA Finals – 16.54 Million Viewers. …
  • The Masters – 9.45 Million Viewers.
  • World Cup of Rugby- 12.8 Million Viewers. …
  • Wimbledon – 2.6 Million Viewers.

Is World Cup bigger than Champions League?

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has previously said, “
[The Champions League] is even bigger than the World Cup
because the teams in it are at a higher level than the national teams, who can’t buy the best players.”

Is the Super Bowl the biggest sporting event in the world?

The Super Bowl is the most watched annual sporting event in the world, mainly due to the large American audiences but increasing coverage in Europe has seen its popularity rise.

How many views does the Euro Cup get?

Key global figures:

The event cumulative live match audience recorded 5.23 billion. The final was watched by 328 million fans, on par with the record set in 2016.

Is FIFA more popular than Olympics?

FIFA World Cup has more viewers than Olympic Soccer

Out of that number, more than 3.5 billion have dedicated the time to see the final game of the last World Cup, with more than a billion people watching the game live on their TVs and other devices.

Is FIFA better than Olympics?

In terms of viewership,
the Olympic Games have a slight edge over the FIFA World Cup
. According to the Global Broadcast and Audience Summary of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, it fetched a viewership of 3.57 billion.

Is FIFA World Cup biggest sporting event?

The Super Bowl is the mecca of U.S. sports, followed by the World Series and NBA Finals. For international sports, the Olympics and FIFA World Cup are the most-watched events across the globe.

How many people watch World Cup in Spain?

1.95 million viewers


Match, Date TAD Average
Portugal-Morocco, 6/20 1.51 million viewers
Uruguay-Saudi Arabia, 6/20 1.67 million viewers
Iran-Spain, 6/20 1.95 million viewers
Denmark-Australia, 6/21 1.08 million viewers

What minute did Zidane headbutt Materazzi?

Zidane’s moment of madness came in the 110th minute of the game, with the Real Madrid manager’s final moment as a footballer seeing him walk past the World Cup trophy with his head down, and Materazzi put away his country’s second penalty in the shoot out as Italy were named champions.

Who won the man of the match in the 2006 World Cup final?

Italy’s Andrea Pirlo was awarded the Man of the Match, and Zidane was awarded the Golden Ball as the best player of the tournament. The final served as a key match in the France–Italy football rivalry, coming after Italy were defeated by France in the UEFA Euro 2000 Final.

How many viewers watch El Clasico?

El Clasico is watched in over 180 countries with recent games generating a global audience in excess of 650 million viewers. “With more than 2.5 billion viewers around the world last season, LaLiga clearly is a competition with a global following,” said LaLiga president Javier Tebas.

How many viewers watched the Super Bowl 2022?

Super Bowl LVI total viewing audience estimated at
over 208 million

Is Super Bowl most watched event?

Super Bowl LVI cracked the 100-million viewer mark in a turnaround from viewership of last year’s big game, marking a strong finish to an NFL postseason rife with late-game drama and thrilling finishes.

Which country watch football most?

Football is one of the most-watched sports in the U.S. and has about 390 million to 410 million fans worldwide, the majority of which are in the U.S.

What is the biggest rivalry in football?

  • Liverpool vs. Everton. 40 of 50. …
  • Uruguay vs. Brazil. 41 of 50. …
  • England vs Argentina. 42 of 50. Getty Images/Getty Images. …
  • Benfica vs. Porto. 43 of 50. …
  • Inter Milan vs. AC Milan. 44 of 50. …
  • Boca Juniors vs. River Plate. 45 of 50. …
  • England vs. Scotland. 46 of 50. …
  • Brazil vs. Argentina. 47 of 50.

Which is the football club with most fans?

Top 10 Football Clubs With The Most Fans in The World
  • Liverpool FC (94.2m) …
  • Chelsea (102m) …
  • Paris Saint-Germain (103.6m) …
  • Juventus (108.5m) …
  • Manchester United (160.6m) …
  • FC Barcelona (248.3m) …
  • Real Madrid (263.3m) Real Madrid is the most followed football club and team in the world in 2022. …
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How many viewers watched the Champions League final 2020 worldwide?

The resulting hype for the final was intense, with an estimated global audience of between 380 and 400 million viewers, making it almost twice as big as the Super Bowl.

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