What is Sikeston MO known for?

10 Best Things to Do in Sikeston, MO — Top Activities & Places to Go!
  1. Sikeston Depot Museum and Gallery. …
  2. Malco Sikeston Cinema and Grill. …
  3. Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo. …
  4. Historic Downtown Sikeston. …
  5. Front Street Studio and Art Gallery. …
  6. Malone Park. …
  7. Sikeston Bowling Center and Pro Center. …
  8. New Madrid Historical Museum.

Is Sikeston Missouri a good place to live?

Sikeston is a relatively nice sized town with a wonderful school district, great law enforcement, and great entertainment options. As a student that lives in Sikeston, MO, I would recommend sikeston to anyone! Sikeston is an okay place to live. It’s not much for kids to do after school that’s cost efficient.

What is Sikeston Missouri ZIP code?

Zip code

How big is Sikeston Missouri?

18.06 mi²

Is Sikeston Missouri Rural?

Population in 2019: 16,023 (97% urban, 3% rural). Zip codes: 63801.

What county is Poplar Bluff MO in?

Butler County
Poplar Bluff
Butler County is a county located in the southeast Ozark Foothills Region in the U.S. state of Missouri. As of the 2020 Census, the county’s population was 42,130. The largest city and county seat is Poplar Bluff.


Driving around Sikeston, Missouri

Lambert’s Cafe Walkthrough and Review Sikeston Missouri

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What is Dexter zip code?

Zip code

What city is Sikeston Missouri close to?

Cape Girardeau, MO. Jackson, MO.

What percentage of Cape Girardeau is black?

Cape Girardeau Demographics
White: 81.18% Black or African American:

Where is Sikes Missouri?

Sikeston Map

It is geographically situated just north of the “Missouri Bootheel”, although many locals consider Sikeston a part of it. By way of Interstate 55, Sikeston is close to the halfway point between St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee. The city is named after John Sikes, who founded it in 1860.

What mile marker is Sikeston MO?

SIKESTON – Contractor crews will repair the pavement at the Interstate 55/57/U.S. Route 60 cloverleaf interchange in Sikeston, Missouri, located at mile marker 66 in Scott County.

What is Poplar Bluff known for?

Poplar Bluff is a small city in Butler County in Southeast Missouri, United States. It is the county seat of Butler County and is known as ”
The Gateway to the Ozarks
” among other names. The population was 16,225 at the 2020 census.

What famous person is from Poplar Bluff?

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason is the most famous person from Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

Why is Poplar Bluff called Poplar Bluff?

They chose an uninhabited bluff on Black River on which to place the town that would contain their governing offices, and they named it for the beautiful poplar trees that grew profusely on that bluff. They called it Poplar Bluff and they set out to build a town, their county seat.

What area code is 573?

The 573 area code serves communities such as
all Lake-area communities in addition to Jefferson City, Columbia, Rolla, Cape Girardeau, Poplar Bluff, Sikeston, Mexico, Hannibal, Waynesville, Farmington and Caruthersville

What city is Dexter in?

Dexter: New Blood was filmed in Western Massachusetts, although the new show is set in the fictional town of Iron Lake in New York. 10 years after leaving Miami in Florida, Dexter has assumed a new identity by the name of Jim Lindsay.

What is the area code for Dexter MI?

Area code 734
Area code
734 is an area code in the North American Numbering Plan. Created in 1997, it covers southern portions of southeast Michigan, including all of Washtenaw and Monroe counties, and southern and western portions of Wayne County.


What is the zip code for Jackson Missouri?

Zip code

What’s the zip code for Farmington MO?

Zip code

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