What does pelota mean in Spanish slang?

2 vulgar slang pelotas feminine plural. (testículos)
vulgar slang.

What is the meaning of Hamaca?

feminine noun. 1. (= cama) hammock. Southern Cone) (= mecedora) rocking chair.

Does pelota mean ball?

pelota, (Spanish: “ball”, ) also called Pilota, or Pelote Basque, any of a number of glove, racket, or bat court games requiring a rubber-cored ball. These games arose from the old French game known as jeux de paume. Varieties of this game are played in many parts of the world.

What language is pelota?

Spanish, literally ‘ball’, augmentative of pella, from Latin pila ‘ball’.

What does Deportivo mean in English?

deportivo, (deportivamente) sportsmanlike, Adj.

What is the meaning of Revista?

British English: magazine /ˌmæɡəˈziːn/ NOUN. publication A magazine is a weekly or monthly publication which contains articles, stories, photographs, and advertisements. … a fashion magazine.

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How do you pronounce Hamaca?

  1. ah. – mah. – kah.
  2. a. – ma. – ka.
  3. ha. – ma. – ca.

What is Jamaica in English?

Jamaica in British English
(dʒəˈmeɪkə ) noun.
an island and state in the Caribbean
: colonized by the Spanish from 1494 onwards, large numbers of enslaved Africans being imported; captured by the British in 1655 and established as a colony in 1866; gained full independence in 1962; a member of the Commonwealth.

What is the Spanish word for hammock?

hamaca in Spanish is “HAMMOCK”.

How do you say Casco in English?

  1. rudder, the ~ Noun.
  2. tiller, the ~ Noun.
  3. helm, the ~ Noun.

What is the meaning of zebu in English?

zebu. / (ˈziːbuː) / noun.
a domesticated ox, Bos indicus, having a humped back, long horns, and a large dewlap
: used in India and E Asia as a draught animal.

What is Ciudad English?

Ciudad (Spanish pronunciation: [θjuˈðað]) is the Spanish word for City.

Is pelota the same as squash?

Pelota is one of the most popular sports in the Basque Country, it’s the common name for a variety of ball games played against a wall, called a fronton.
Similar to a combination of squash and handball
, it can be played using your hand, racket or wooden bat.

When was pelota invented?

Basque pelota
First played 13th century
Contact No
Team members Single or doubles
Type Hand sport, Racquet sport, Basket sport

What is a pelota made of?

Hand Pelota

Hand-pelota ball is traditionally made of a Buxus core, covered by several layers of Latex with a final layer of leather.

How do you pronounce andar en Patineta?

andar en patineta
  1. ahn. – dahr. ehn. pah. – tee. – neh. – tah.
  2. an. – daɾ en. pa. – ti. – ne. – ta.
  3. an. – dar. en. pa. – ti. – ne. – ta.

Is Deportes a noun?

It is a sport
that combines the best aspects of one-on-one competition but is also very much a team sport.

What do you mean by diversion?

Definition of diversion

1 : the act or an instance of diverting or straying from a course, activity, or use : deviation Bad weather forced the diversion of several flights. 2 : something that diverts or amuses : pastime Hiking is one of her favorite diversions. a welcome diversion from the pressures of the job.

What does cesto de papeles?

Dictionary. el cesto de los papeles m noun. cestos de los papeles. wastepaper basket.

Is Revista masculine or feminine in Spanish?

noun. Así lo señala un estudio publicado en la revista Science.

Is Ventana feminine or masculine in Spanish?

feminine noun

What is the Spanish term for wear out?

Is Jamaica a Spanish word?

Jamaica in Spanish is “JAMAICA”.

What is Jamaica drink in Spanish?

Agua de Jamaica (pronounced ha-MY-cah) is a hibiscus iced tea drink made from dried hibiscus flowers (or “
Flor de Jamaica
” in Spanish), water and sugar.

Is Jamaica Spanish?

Jamaica (/dʒəˈmeɪkə/ ( listen); Jamaican Patois: Jumieka) is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea.

Jamaica Jumieka (Jamaican Patois)
Official languages English
Other primary language Jamaican Patois

How do you say hammock in Portuguese?

“hammock” in Portuguese
  1. volume_up. rede.
  2. rede de descanso.
  3. maca.

How do you spell Viejito?

  1. V.
  2. vie.
  3. viejito.

How do you pronounce Casco Viejo?

casco viejo
kahs. – koh. byeh. – hoh.
kas. – ko. βje. – xo.
cas. – co. vie. – jo.

What is the meaning of zebu in English?

zebu. / (ˈziːbuː) / noun. a domesticated ox, Bos indicus, having a humped back, long horns, and a large dewlap: used in India and E Asia as a draught animal.

How do you say Casco in English?

rudder, the ~ Noun.
tiller, the ~ Noun.
helm, the ~ Noun.

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