What does Mitigable mean?

Definition of mitigable

: capable of being mitigated mitigable impacts/hazards.

What does it mean to mitigate something?

mitigate \MIT-uh-gayt\ verb. 1 : to cause to become less harsh or hostile : mollify. 2 a : to make less severe or painful : alleviate. b : to lessen the seriousness of : extenuate.

Is Unnursed a word?

That has not been nursed.

Is Rumbunctious a word?

That could be. Rumbustious, which first appeared in Britain in the late 1700s just after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, was probably based on robustious, a much older adjective that meant both “robust” and “boisterous.”

Is it mitigate or mitigate against?

Mitigate, which means ease or soften, is never the word to use with against: Tax reductions mitigated the financial pressure. The Chicago Manual of Style simply notes that “militate” takes “against,” but “mitigate” stands alone. The Associated Press Stylebook says nothing.

How do you mitigate a situation?

mitigate Add to list Share. Choose the verb mitigate when
something lessens the unpleasantness of a situation
. You can mitigate your parents’ anger by telling them you were late to dinner because you were helping your elderly neighbor.

How to Pronounce mitigable – American English


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How do you use the word mitigate?

Mitigate Sentence Examples
  1. Good information on a product can mitigate this problem.
  2. Morphine may be given hypodermically to mitigate the pain.
  3. They protect the valleys from destructive avalanches, and, retaining the superficial soil by their roots, they mitigate the destructive effects of heavy rains.

Is Unused a real word?

not used; not put to use: an unused room. never having been used: an unused postage stamp.

Is Unsued a word?

No, unsued is not in the scrabble dictionary

What’s another word for unusable?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unusable, like: useless, impracticable, inutile, unuseable, redundant, inaccessible, inoperative, impractical, unserviceable, unworkable and worthless.

Is rambunctious a bad word?

“Rambunctious” is a fantastic adjective meaning noisy, unbridled exuberance.

Is intimidatory a word?

It was the definition of intimidatory batting.
Masked protest, intimidatory filming or physical disruption is unacceptable and must be stopped
. However, it will now only focus on the alleged intimidatory tactics used by unions. The intimidatory atmosphere, however, kept them silent.

Is Rambunctiously a word?

adj. Boisterous and disorderly. [Alteration of rumbustious.] ram·bunc′tious·ly adv.

What does mitigate risk mean?

Risk mitigation is a strategy to prepare for and lessen the effects of threats faced by a business. Comparable to risk reduction, risk mitigation takes steps to reduce the negative effects of threats and disasters on business continuity (BC).

What does militate against mean?

Definition of militate against
formal. :
to make (something) unlikely to happen
: to prevent (something) from happening His inexperience militates against his getting an early promotion. factors militating against success.

Can you militate for something?

Militate is (usually) an intransitive verb meaning ‘to have force or effect’. It’s normally used in the phrase militate against, meaning ‘make something more difficult to do or less likely to happen‘. The same tennis player might militate against future injury by strapping her toe when she plays.

Does mitigating circumstances mean?

Definition. Factors that lessen the severity or culpability of a criminal act, including, but not limited to, defendant’s age or extreme mental or emotional disturbance at the time the crime was committed, mental retardation, and lack of a prior criminal record.

Is mitigation a word?

To make less severe or intense; moderate or alleviate

What does mitigate mean in law?

In a breach of contract case, upon receiving notice that one party to a contract does not intend to perform, the other party is required to mitigate damages, meaning that it must take reasonable efforts to avoid further losses from the breach.

Can you mitigate a problem?

To mitigate something means to make it less unpleasant, serious, or painful.

What does mitigate mean in business?

Definition: Mitigation means
reducing risk of loss from the occurrence of any undesirable event
. This is an important element for any insurance business so as to avoid unnecessary losses. Description: In general, mitigation means to minimize degree of any loss or harm.

Is unused a adjective?

UNUSED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does unused mean in a sentence?

1 :
not accustomed
I’m unused to this heat. 2 : not having been used before fresh unused linen. 3 : not being used an unused chair.

What is dis used for?

Dis- is a negative prefix. It means not or none. When we add dis- to the beginning of a word, we give it the opposite meaning. Take a look at these example sentences.

What is the difference between disused and unused?

A disused place or building is no longer used for its original purpose and is now empty. The sculpture was stored in a disused lorry factory. Something that is unused has never been used.

What means Gulch?

a deep or precipitous cleft
: ravine especially : one occupied by a torrent. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About gulch.

Is the item unused meaning?

Something that is unused has not been used or is not being used at the moment.

Is it usable or useable?

In terms of American English, “usable” is the most acceptable version. Internationally, both “usable” and “useable” are acceptable spellings of the word. Most dictionaries list “useable” as a variant spelling. You’re more likely to see it in places where British English is dominant.

How do you spell Unsavable?

.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unsavable.

Does not work synonym?

“The printer is not working and needs to be repaired.”

What is another word for not working?
busted inoperative
malfunctioning unusable
damaged down
faulty inactive
incapacitated kaput

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