How far below the drip edge should the gutter be?

The gutter should be installed as close to the shingles as possible; no more than 2 or 3 inches. If the gutter distance is more than 3 inches, the rain will run off the roof and won’t drain properly.

How do you install gutters after drip edge?

Does fascia go behind drip edge?

The correct placement of a roof drip edge is on top of the roof’s exterior cover directly between the sheathing and the fascia board, which forms a drainage gap between the drip edge and the fascia board. As a result, the drainage improves water flow and protects the roof from potential water damage.

How should gutters be installed?

Rain gutters should be attached to the fascia and run the entire length of the roof, ending with a downspout. Use a measuring tape to determine the length of the gutter. If the gutter run measures longer than 40 feet (12.2 m), it should be positioned to pitch down from the middle, aimed toward a downspout at each end.

Getting Water behind your gutter? Does the Gutter go under, over or behind a drip edge?

Gutter Installation tip “Drip Edge”#4

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