How do you use striven in a sentence?

Since I was twenty-nine years old till now I have striven after pure and perfect wisdom, and following the good path, have found Nirvana.” He had given his realm good and strong governance; according to his lights he had striven to keep faith and to observe his coronation oath.

What is the past tense of striven?

Word forms: strives, strivinglanguage note: The past tense is either strove or strived, and the past participle is either striven or strived. If you strive to do something or strive for something, you make a great effort to do it or get it.

Has strove or striven?

Is it strived or strove? Strove is the simple past tense conjugation of the verb strive, which means to work hard to attain something. Strived is an unaccepted variant form that you should avoid. Use striven as a past participle.

What is the perfect tense of strive?

Compound continuous (progressive) tenses
present perfect
I have been striving
you have been striving
he, she, it has been striving
we have been striving

How do you say striven?

Break ‘striven’ down into sounds: [STRIV] + [UHN] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Record yourself saying ‘striven’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.

What’s the opposite of striven?

What is the opposite of striven?
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Strive Meaning

🔵 Strive Strove Striven – Strive Meaning – Strive Examples – ESL British English Pronunciation

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How do you use strove in a sentence?

(1) He strove very hard to remain calm. (2) He strove to make himself understood. (3) The Egyptians strove with the Romans for the possession of the Nile Valley. (4) He strove for the glittering prizes of politics.

What is another word for strove?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for strove, like:
tried, endeavored, strained, worked, vied, undertook, competed, reached, toiled, struggled and sought

How do you conjugate the verb to strive?

Conjugation English verb to strive
  1. Simple present. I strive. …
  2. Present progressive/continuous. I am striving. …
  3. Simple past. I strove. …
  4. Past progressive/continuous. I was striving. …
  5. Present perfect simple. I have striven. …
  6. Present perfect progressive/continuous. I have been striving. …
  7. Past perfect. …
  8. Past perfect progressive/continuous.

What is the difference between past tense and past participle?

So, what’s the difference between the past tense and the past participle? Basically,
the past tense is a tense while the past participle is a specific verb form used in the past and present perfect tenses
. The past participle is not a tense. It’s a form of a verb and can’t be used on its own.

Is strove a Scrabble word?

Yes, strove is in the scrabble dictionary.

What’s another word for strive?

Some common synonyms of strive are attempt, endeavor, essay, and try. While all these words mean “to make an effort to accomplish an end,” strive implies great exertion against great difficulty and specifically suggests persistent effort.

Is it GLID or glided?

The past tense of glide is glided or glid. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of glide is glides. The present participle of glide is gliding. The past participle of glide is glided or glid.

What is present continuous for strive?

The past tense of strive is strove or strived
Conjugate Strive. Strive in Present Simple (Indefinite) Tense.
in Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense. Strive in Present Perfect Tense.

What is the past and past participle of swear?

Past Tense of Swear
Present Tense: Swear
Past Tense: Swore
Past Participle: Sworn
Present Participle: Swearing

What does it mean to strive for something?

intransitive verb. 1 : to devote serious effort or energy : endeavor strive to finish a project. 2 : to struggle in opposition : contend.

How do you pronounce Peniel?

Is dauntless an adjective?

The adjective dauntless is a variant of the noun daunt, which means “to intimidate or cause fear.” Both words are related to another family of “D” words — dominate, domestic, domain.

What is the synonym of cooperative?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for cooperative.



What is a synonym for momentum?

impetus, energy, force, power, strength, drive, thrust, push, driving power, steam, impulse, speed, velocity.

What does strove stand for?

past tense and chiefly dialectal past participle of strive.

What is the past tense of go?

is the past tense of go. Gone is the past participle of go.

What is a Scrobe?

Definition of scrobe

: a small groove (as at the base of the antenna of a weevil or on the outer surface of a mandible)

What does Reweave mean?

Definition of reweave
transitive verb. :
to weave (something, such as yarn or cloth) again or anew
… unraveled the blankets … and rewove them into their own distinctive textiles.—

What is gossamer stream?

1 : a film of cobwebs floating in air in calm clear weather. 2 : something light, delicate, or insubstantial the gossamer of youth’s dreams— Andrea Parke.

What is the third form of swear?

Conjugation of verb ‘Swear’
V1 Base Form (Infinitive): To Swear
V2 Past Simple: Swore
V3 Past Participle: Sworn
V4 3rd Person Singular: Swears
V5 Present Participle/Gerund: Swearing

Has or have past participle?

We use has or have with a past participle to describe an action that started in the past and is (or maybe) still going on. This construction is called the present perfect. The past participle form of a regular verb is identical to the past form: it always ends in -ed: Olga has promised to help me.

Has had or have?

As a main verb,
use have/has for the present tense and had for the past tense
, as shown in these examples: I have a muffin and a cup of coffee.

Has have past participle examples?

One example of this tense is: “have jumped.” “Have” is the present tense and “jumped” is the past participle. Some other forms of this tense are: Has lived: She has lived here all her life. Have written: They have written three letters already.

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