Are Voltaire saddles adjustable?

Put simply, the Voltaire Design Essentials range offers versatility, adjustability and exceptional security in this jump saddle alternative.

Can any saddle be adjusted?

Most saddles can be adjusted to some degree – it’s up to us to determine that our horse’s saddle is a bit wonky, and then we need to do something about it! Proper flocking in your saddle makes things comfortable for your horse. It distributes the weight the saddle and rider evenly, avoiding painful pressure points.

Do Voltaire saddles run small?

I think Voltaire runs small. My daughter is 5 ft tall (or slightly over) and slender at 80 pounds. She’s in a 16.5 0A Palm Beach. She rides a few other ponies and still fits quite nicely in a 15.5 pony Pessoa.

What does 2A mean on a Voltaire saddle?

A 2A flap is a standard length of about 13″ or 13 1/4″ with only a small amount of forwardness. While she feels secure and comfortable in this saddle, she could have more room on the flap in front of her leg, and possibly a hair more room in the seat.

How much does a new Voltaire saddle cost?

Or for a one-time price of
, you could be one of just ten riders who will be serviced with Blue Wing saddles for life.

Where are Voltaire saddles made?

Recognizable by our blue striped gullet, Voltaire Design saddles are made in France with the finest French leathers and are infinitely customizable. Created in 2010 in the idyllic French town of Espelette, the brand opted to launch first in the United States.

The well being of the horse is paramount to Voltaire Design

Warm welcome to November’s Voltaire Design Vlog with Sophie Hall

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How do I know if my saddle has an adjustable gullet?

What saddles are adjustable?

One of the most popular adjustable saddles on the market today are those with adjustable gullets such as
Kent and Masters, Fairfax, Thorowgood, Wintec, Bates, John Whitaker and Pessoa

Are adjustable saddles good?

Adjustable tree saddles may be the best choice for riders with young and developing horses, those who work their horses differently according to the season, and those who lease horses or change mounts regularly. The tree width of a saddle refers to the distance between the points of the tree.

Who rides in Voltaire saddles?

For our riders
Voltaire Design is joined by many of the greatest international champions, such as
Beezie Madden and Oliver Townend
. Voltaire Design works closely with their top riders, to ensure the comfort and performances of their horses.

What size saddle flaps do I need?

The rotation and size of the saddle flap should complement the angle of your leg. Your knee should hit at the top point of the flap with at least two fingers to spare. Saddle seat size affects your comfort level, ability to move and your effectiveness in your riding.

How do you read a Butet saddle stamp?

Butet: C18 2 1/4 925 07

Flap: 1 is standard and 2 long, 3 is extra-long. The second part describes the forwardness, 1/4 being slightly forward and 1/2 more forward.

How do you read a Voltaire saddle?

The first digit in each group of numbers refers to the area of the paneling on the saddle, and the second two digits refer to how much additional thickness has been added to that area, in millimeters. If we look at the Voltaire stamp, the fourth and fifth lines tell us the paneling.

What are Voltaire saddles made of?

Each Voltaire saddle is built for the horse with layered high-tech memory foam sequences which replace traditional flocking. Saddles are available in
calf, buffalo, and grained leather
, and feature anatomically designed panels custom for each horse.

How do I know if my saddle fits my rider?

How long does it take to get a Voltaire saddle?

It will take 10-12 weeks for the saddle to arrive and you pay before dispatch when it is ready. Unlike most self-employed saddle fitters, Voltaire offer two financing options.

What saddle does Beezie Madden ride in?

Beezie Madden is among that elite group of rider. Her saddler of choice, Voltaire Design. Because if you’re going to have your pick of saddle companies, you go with the one willing to tweak their products to your personal specifications.

Are childeric saddles adjustable?

Our saddles – jump and dressage – are all adjustable and we would love to work with you and be involved in your young horse’s progress.

How much is a Butet saddle?

With a medium deep seat, this is the newer Butet seat and very popular. Price starts at $5550 for calf/grained leather, $5950 for calf/grained leather with integrated panels, and goes up to $6200 for premium leather. Cross country saddle is handcrafted in the Butet workshop in Saumur, France.

Where are county saddles made?

I love to design for clients who think that a saddle can’t make a huge difference in soundness and performance,” said Gene Freeze, owner and designer of County Saddlery Inc., the custom saddle-manufacturing firm based in

Where are Prestige saddles made?

A Prestige saddle is a real artisanal gem made in Italy and just like other leather products it requires a continuous care: this will help preserve its look and it will increase its lifespan.

How do you adjust a saddle gullet?

Remove the screw at the end of the gullet plate and repeat on the other side. Take the gullet plate out of the saddle. Using your hands, apply pressure to stretch the tree in the direction you will be changing the gullet – wider or narrower for 30 seconds. Wherever possible use new screws from your gullet kit.

Are saddles adjustable?

An adjustable saddle can be modified to maintain an optimal width. A horses shape depends on their weight, fitness and musculature. If you are regularly competing, for example, in Eventing, when your horse is not at peak fitness, your saddle may become an issue to your horse.

How does an adjustable gullet work?

These metal arches are set at different widths to accommodate the different widths of a horse’s wither. With the removal of a few screws, the gullet plate width can be changed from Narrow to Extra Wide in a matter of minutes.

Are all Wintec saddles adjustable?

All Wintec saddles are adjustable and take the Wintec Gullet Bars which are really easy to alter yourself.

Is a gullet the same as a tree?

The tree is the underlying framework of the saddle. The gullet is the channel that runs from the pommel to the cantle on the underside of the saddle. Although the size of the tree influences the front of the gullet, the tree size and the gullet size are not the same.

What is an interchangeable gullet?

Interchangeable gullet, only adaptable for the dressage saddle Elite with interchangeable knee stops 1609. This system allows you to easily adapt the opening of the saddle arch to obtain an optimum fit to the horse. Available in 5 sizes from narrow to extra wide.

Do Western saddles have changeable gullets?

The DP Saddles have a patented continuously adjustable gullet system, which allows the rider to easily narrow or widen the width by as much as necessary, or fine tune the fit by just a fraction of an inch via an Allen Wrench, without ever having to take the saddle apart.

What is close contact saddle?

A close contact saddle is
designed with a forward cut flap to help the rider get out of the tack and into jump position
. Although flat work is possible in a close contact saddle, they are primarily used for stadium jumping or cross-country.

How does a flex tree saddle work?

A flex tree saddle is built with a tree that typically has a dual-bar system which is intended to provide both stability and flexibility in the saddle. Ideally, then the horse is able to move under the saddle, because it has a flexible tree that will move with them.

Where are Albion Saddles made?

The Albion Adjusta-Tree™ Story

Did you know that all Albion Trees are made in our British factory in Walsall, West Midlands? Albion has responded to the needs of the sport horse, creating trees that allow freedom of shoulder movement and panel stability within each and every saddle.

What is a saddle used for?

A saddle is a seat for the rider of an animal, usually a horse. A well-made saddle gives the horse rider the necessary support, security, and control over the animal. The saddle makes it possible for the rider to keep in balance with the horse by allowing him or her to sit over the horse’s point of balance.

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