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If you are asked where did civilization begin? Then your answer must be the beginning of human civilization from the question that arises in the minds of people.Every day, people ask these or those questions, and of course, they want the right answer, and even better, they want an answer quickly and accurately. But, as everyone knows, information is floating over the Internet, and it will take a long time until the user finds the right answer among the many wrong ones, which is quite depressing. There are times when a person never finds an answer to a question because he is tired of comparing different sources and selecting the best answers from among them. To prevent this from happening again, our team, as well as experts and authors at dailyjustnow.com have collected a large number of questions and analyzed various sources to collect the most detailed and reliable information about each question in the catalog. This allows readers to find the answer to their question as soon as possible, saving time. If you have any questions, please email us at contact@dailyjustnow.com